5 Tips To Work Successfully From Home Under The Corona (COVID-19 virus) Circumstances.

Working remote has been a trending topic the past few months. The recent updates around the concerns of the Corona virus (also known as COVID-19) in Europe has forced many companies to maintain a strict policy concerning the world’s overall health. Many companies have no other choice than letting their employees work from home. Some have been quite used to working remote, however for some it can cause chaos and stress. In this article I will write about my personal experience as well as others working in the remote world. I hope this article will provide you with enough advice to create a successful working environment under these circumstances. However, nevertheless give insight of why remote work doesn’t have to be questioned, but instead can provide the answers to creating the perfect work and life balance.

1. Create your own workspace Create a safe space with a clear desk, get rid of dirty dishes, unnecessary items etc. Make sure you have a comfortable sitting position and preferably next to a window with daylight. Don’t forget to open the window now and then for some fresh air! Some air purifying plants in your working area aren’t such a bad idea either.

2. Prioritize your planning By doing this you eliminate stress you might experience or feeling overwhelmed of all the things you will still have to do. If you want to plan the day ahead or the whole week or even month is up to you. I prefer to plan ahead for the upcoming week. You can do this the old fashioned way by using a paper to schedule your priorities or even a mirror with whiteboard markers. When preferring a more digitalized way of planning, I recommend Trello. You can either use it individually but it is also an excellent tool to use if you’re working together in a project with other remote working colleagues.

3. Digital meetings with colleagues Meetings online are an excellent way of communicating and discussing the most recent topics. Skype and Skype for business are both well known professional business meeting solutions. There are plenty of other websites offering similar services. I have been using Zoom for my online meetings, which works fine for me. More importantly is how you schedule your meetings and using an agenda to make sure you get the most out of your online meeting. I will post an article about the perfect online meeting later!

4. Keep your body moving This might sound strange when working behind a computer or laptop, but setting an alarm every 2 hours to get up and move your body can actually boost your productivity level. I like to stretch every 2 or 3 hours for just 5 minutes after getting a cup of tea. Suffer from writer’s block? Get up and walk around the house, balcony or garden to get your blood flowing in your body. Even getting up now and then for a cup of coffee in the kitchen can already produce more energy and workflow.

5. Maintain routine and get dressed! Working at home does not mean staying in pyjama’s in bed all day with your laptop next to you. I don’t mean to spoil but you will not get anything done by the end op the day. Try to retain your normal working rhythm by waking up early and getting ready for the day as if you would go to the office. Of course you can exchange the suit you would normally wear at the office and wear some more comfortable clothing. Just don’t get too comfy!

I hope you all have find these 5 tips helpful in your transition from working at the office to working remote at home. Wishing everyone out there good luck in these bizarre times and I hope you can create a peaceful and safe working environment at home!