7 Reasons Why You Should Start Hiring Remote Freelancers For Your Business

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

A translated business paper. A new logo for your startup. Animated videos to enhance the customer journey on your webpage. SEO optimization for your website. You name it. A Freelancer simply does the job and does it perfectly. In small companies we are quick to think we can manage to do it all ourselves. However, some short-term projects could really use the support of a professional virtual assistance. Oh, where would we be without our Freelancers?

To show you why it’s so essential to hire Freelancers for your business I will talk about 7 different reasons.

1) The best quality talent

There is nothing you cannot find online. This applies for digital talent as well. Freelancers are very experienced in their niche, as they learn new things every day since they are working for different companies. Moreover, they educate themselves frequently to ensure they are performing well in the digital world. For every job project there are freelancers available to perform in their acknowledged skill. Some Freelancers have more experience than others, which brings me to the second reason..

2) You can save money!

Whether you’re a small startup or a big corporate, in every organization, at some point, short-term projects need to be done. I’m not saying Freelancers are cheaper per hourly rate than hiring in house employees. However, this actually can be quite the opposite when it comes to quality. When you hire a Freelancers they will be ready to get to work. Furthermore, there are no on-boarding programs necessary or a get to know the company guide. Also, Freelancers decide their own hourly rate based on their skills and experience and where they are based. Depending on your budget there will be Freelancers available. It’s very important to remember: What you pay is what you get. Sometimes it’s better to be willing to invest just a little bit more to get the right quality.

3) Less overhead costs

Why else can hiring freelancers save you a lot of cash? There are no transportation costs included, because most of the Freelancers work from home, which results in low overhead costs. The only price that needs to be paid, is the price tag that comes with the service.

4) Higher productivity

Remote freelancers have less time commuting. Because of the possibility to easily work from home or area's near home. Also because they arrange their own agenda. More and more work at home mom's are finding the perfect work and life balance in Freelancing remotely. For example, a mother needs to bring her child to the doctor, instead of taking a whole day of work, she just misses 2 hours this day. Which can be, because of the flexible working hours, be worked on in the evening.

5) They bring quality to the table

A Freelancer’s future depends on their outcome. If a freelancers fail to succeed the clients’ wishes, the chances are very low that this client will contact them again for a future project. Nevertheless, Freelancers educate themselves to achieve better results and keep up to date with for example marketing trends. Expanding their knowledge to achieve the best results. You may check out this inspiring story about a freelance living his best life as he brings value to the table for his clients: David Nuff's Inspiring Freelance Success Story

6) Flexibility is one of their core values and skills

While most office hours are currently from 9 till 5, ‘freelancer’ office hours can vary from working part time in the weekend or even in the evenings. It’s best to discuss upfront with your Freelancer what the desired time frame is going to look like.

Because of the world wide access to freelancers, it might just be possible that you are both in different time zones. Freelancers are used to adapting to different working hours. After all, this is one of the reasons why they chose to work remote anyway!

7) Less paperwork

When hiring virtual assistants, there are many ways of coming to terms. Most of the time, this is a contract for both parties involved. There is no need to file employment paperwork or entire onboarding programs. Paying your Freelancers is simple. Besides the benefit of having less paperwork that needs to be solved in order to hire Freelancers on demand, there are less restrictions as well. You don’t need someone on the company payroll when you can hire Freelancers whenever you need them the most. When you are still struggling to find the right Freelancer for the right job, you might want to invest in a platform that includes a sourcing service. It saves you a lot of time and effort to find the right Freelancer when a professional team can do this for you. You can read more about Flexxy's different services if you're thinking about hiring Freelancers here.

Ask yourself the question, is this a job project that can only be done by hiring a full time employee? Or is this a task that can be done by an on-demand Freelancer? And which answer is going to satisfy my company’s needs? I hope these 7 reasons will help you gather enough information to take the next step to growing your business.