A Sneak Peak in The Life of a Freelancer

We hope you are just as excited as we are about starting your career as a remote Freelancer! To give some insight into the remote working world, we have talked with Elodie Kint. Elodie is a very passionate young woman, living in the Netherlands. We have talked about her ambitions, experience and how she manages to get new job projects when being self employed.

I was very interested in your experience as a Freelancer and why you choose to be self-employed, could you tell a little bit about this experience for you?

“It all started when I was studying Journalism. Back then we were still in the previous economic crisis or at least in its aftermath. Digitization was just emerging in this period. I still remember my teachers telling us: “Nice to have you all here, but the chance that you will ever find a full time job in journalism is really small. So, prepare yourself for the Freelancer existence.” Nevertheless I remained a hard-working motivated student. This led to me being approached by a local newspaper in the week that I graduated.”

“I immediately took the opportunity, but after two years the company had to cut back and I had to leave my job. My boss gave me the opportunity to work for another newspaper, however I was questioning the future at this moment. I was still very young, only 22 years old. And I asked myself : is this really what I want to be doing at this age?”

“I decided to go on an adventure en move back to Curacao, an island in the Caribbean sea, where I have had an internship during my education. I found a job at a local newspaper and enjoyed my time there a lot, but unfortunately the hard work was not in comparison with the wages I was earning. Especially because I was used to the wages in the Netherlands. That’s why I started working for myself as a freelancer after 1,5 years. It didn’t feel like taking a big risk, because my salary was so low at the time, it didn’t feel like I really had something to lose.”

That’s amazing! And what did you like most of your work?

“I love writing, that's how I ended up in journalism. When I got my job at the newspaper, I was very happy that I was the one who got to the heart of the story. Instead of believing rumours, call the person in question and find out the truth.”

“Especially in this Corona crisis, I can feel my fingers aching to write a good story. I just want to be able to tell people what is going on and what we are dealing with right now. I have heard people saying that they can’t handle all the negative news right now and they don’t want to read newspapers anymore. As an alternative they check social media which is definitely not the most reliable source of information!”

And how do you get new applications for projects or assignments?

“Most of the time companies contact me directly. Now that I have built my own website, I have received even more requests. When I did not have a website yet, I hardly received any applications. A website is a bit of a business card where people can view your profile and skills. I also have my own blog where I post regularly, even as my social media accounts. This way people can contact me in multiple ways. There are certain communities on Facebook (Ambitious girls or Dutch girls rock) where self-employed people can connect. Some who need small assignments or projects done, but mostly a lot of people that want to fulfil these assignments. There is a lot of competition in these communities and I really noticed the difference when I had my own website.”

What are the downfalls of being a Freelancer?

“Actually nothing! If I would have to mention one thing, it would be being extremely flexible. If a client suddenly wants something, my schedule often gets mixed up. Sometimes I have very little to do on one day and the next day I am still working on an assignment until late at night.”

How does a “normal” day of work look like in your life?

“I try to work between 09:00 and 17:00. I prefer this, because my boyfriend is back in the Netherlands. In the evening we want to spend time together when we both finish work, but being self-employed makes my work really unpredictable. I do not always have large projects, small assignments that have to be completed in a few hours or days as well. “

How do you create a routine for yourself on working days?

“I am using a weekly planner. It contains all my to-dos and gives a clear overview of my week. When I receive new applications, I only need a quick scan in my planner and then I know if I can work on new assignments or have to postpone it until the following week.” How many hours do you work per week?

“Forty to fifty hours per week. This doesn’t include the time that I spend on social media updating my business profile. That’s something that I really like to do as well.”

What are your best skills?

“Copywriting. Besides being a journalist, I’m also a copywriter for websites, companies and blogs. I basically like everything that has something to do with writing content!

Because I have studied to be a journalist, I have learned to get to the core of an interview quickly and accurately. Some companies have trouble bringing their message to the people. They don’t really know how to do that. When I’m working for a company, I’m going back to the basics. What do you want to tell your audience? What are you offering? This helps me to create the right content for the right target group.”

How is the COVID-19 pandemic affecting your work at the moment?

“Unfortunately, I have had my first few projects cancelled due to the Coronavirus. A training that I was supposed to give this week is postponed and the launch of a magazine that I am writing for is on hold as well. What actually surprised me the most was the cancellation of a project concerning link building, where I create blog posts for. I didn’t expect this project being cancelled, since online is where all the people are these days!”

The corona virus also pushes Freelancers to think outside the box and get creative. I have seen a lot of people coming up with new business ideas. New ways to earn money using their skills or come up with new services.I’m using my extra time that I have left to start workshops on how to improve your writing skills. I have always wanted to do that, but now some projects gets cancelled, I have this extra time that I can spend on these workshops. I have also been thinking to start using affiliate marketing on my blog as an extra income.”

“But on the other hand I’m glad I still get applications for new projects. Here in the Netherlands there is an emergency fund for self-employed people that lose a lot of income because of the virus. But I still have enough to do, so that won’t be necessary for me right now!”

It’s been very nice to learn more about your journey to become self-employed! Elodie has also written a blog about becoming a digital nomad and some tips on how to get started. Which you can view here.

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