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About Us

Providing the right recruitment solutions for you.

At Flexxy we appreciate details and effort. Our specialists are highly skilled in finding the right candidates for you. We are up to date with contemporary problems, this is exactly why we understand the importance of Technology & Sustainability. The world is advancing rapidly and needs people who can fuel and support this change.

We contribute, by helping you find the right people.

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Our Story

Flexxy started in 2018 as a freelancing platform for professionals in Tech. Throughout the years, the vision and spirit grew. Just like today, the main idea was to connect the right people. In February 2021, Flexxy launched its permanent recruitment solutions framework, and since then has grown in people and some big clients, additionally opening up to something close to our hearts - Sustainability. In the contemporary world, one must understand the importance of the environmental impact one has. Therefore, we wanted to play our part by onboarding specialists to provide the highest quality recruitment solutions in our new offering.

We understand that having world-class talent is the most vital ingredient to scale and build a successful company. We made it our mission to help the world's brightest scale-ups find their talent fast and cost efficient.


With our in-house expertise, we unlock unbeatable talents, help organizations save costs, and manage the entire hiring process, from sourcing and initial screening until an offer is signed!


We are the bridge that connects fast-growing Tech and Sustainability companies with the best talents.

Our Values

At Flexxy, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest level of service and expertise as a recruitment solutions provider and RPO for companies in IT and Renewable Energy with clients in The Netherlands and other European countries. Our core values are at the heart of everything we do and guide us in our daily operations.


Integrity and Ethics are the foundation of our company. We believe that honesty, transparency and responsibility are essential to build trust and respect with our clients and candidates. We strive to always act with integrity and maintain the highest ethical standards in all of our business practices. We also ensure that each and every team member has been hired because we found the exact match of our core values in their personal principles, personality and character.


Service Excellence is our priority. We are dedicated to providing our clients and candidates with the best service possible. Our team of experts is committed to understanding our clients' needs and providing tailored recruitment solutions that are in line with their goals and objectives. Each team member is committed to providing excellence in service, as it is aligned with their personal principles and values.


Innovation and Creativity are the driving force behind our business. We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our services and to stay ahead of the competition. We believe that being innovative and creative in our approach to recruitment helps us to find the best talent and provide our clients with the best service. Each team member embodies creativity and innovation in their approach and it is an essential part of their personal principles.


Quality is a key focus of our company. We are committed to providing the best quality service possible and we work closely with our clients and candidates to ensure that we understand their unique needs and requirements. Each team member is dedicated to quality and it is evident in their work and personal principles.


Collaboration is a key element of our success. We believe that by working closely with our clients and candidates we can provide the best service possible. We are a team of 10, and we are all personally committed to the company's core values, and we strive to add value throughout the entire recruitment process. Each team member is a team player and understands the importance of working together to achieve success.


At Flexxy, we are dedicated to helping our clients achieve their business objectives and we are committed to providing our candidates with the best possible career opportunities. We believe that our core values are the foundation of our success and we will continue to uphold them in everything we do. We ensure that each and every team member embodies these values in their personal principles, personality and character.

Our clients

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