Who are we?



We are a team that's passionate about finding talents for companies in Tech & Sustainability.

We help companies hire the best talents with a cost efficient subscription model. 

With our flexible subscriptions, you can easy scale up or scale down your recruitment power. 


Sourcing as a service!

Is your recruitment or HR department too busy? Is there no time to go out and hunt for the best candidates? That's where sourcing service comes in handy! By having "pre-qualified" candidates in the hopper and ready for recruiters' first review, the pressure and distraction is off the recruiter to hunt the candidate down.

With our only sourcing package you will be provided with candidates who are a fit 'on paper' and who have expressed interest in working for your company. We do the introduction and you do the rest!

All candidates that are interested in your company belong to your talent pipeline. 

Placing top talent!

Our Full RPO package takes the entire recruitment cycle out of your hands, from sourcing to closing.

Together with your hiring managers, we will ensure that every candidate gets the most fantastic candidate journey. All candidates that are interested in your company belong to your talent pipeline. 

We will help you build your employer brand. We will write the job descriptions and vacancies, promote them on social media and job boards and we will actively reach out to matching candidates, schedule them for interviews, keep them warm, guide them through the process, check their references, send them the offer and close the hire for you.

We will organize events online and offline. We will even set up a referral programme (if it's not there yet), and we will build your onboarding plan!

We do everything an in-house recruiter will do for you but with the difference that you now have a recruitment team instead of only one recruiter responsible for everything.

At the end of the subscription period, you'll have a solid recruitment

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