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Permanent Recruitment Solutions Service

Flexxy Recruitment Solutions is part of Flexxy B.V, a hiring platform that focuses on remote freelance projects.

With Flexxy, we offer an automated solution for clients to find their freelancers without use of an intermediate or agency.

To facilitate clients who are looking for permanent hires instead of freelancers, we started our Recruitment Solutions as a Service to give companies access to more sourcing and recruitment specialists without paying high agency fees per hire.

With a team of tech sourcers, located all over the world, you can easy add some extra sourcing or recruitment power to your team whenever you need.

How our clients experience our services, our advice and assistance is important to us. we pride ourselves in knowing that Flexxy goes beyond what’s expected, and delivers the absolute best work our clients can get.

Our Packages
Recruitment as a Service

From job intake to job offer and everythinin between

Your staff are a vital component of your  business success. Unfortunately, too many businesses get caught up in the processes. Searching for suitable talent, sifting through CVs, responding to candidates, arranging interviews and checking references are all very necessary but time-consuming and costly exercises.

Get help with candidate sourcing, interviews and offers without adding headcount, hiring contractors, or dealing with recruitment agencies.

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Sourcing as a Service

Add some extra sourcing power to your team!

Is your recruitment or HR department too busy? Is there no time to go out and hunt for the best candidates? That's where sourcing service comes in handy! By having "pre-qualified" candidates in the hopper and ready for recruiters' first review, the pressure and distraction is off the recruiter to hunt the candidate down.

With our -only sourcing- package you will be provided with candidates who are a fit 'on paper' and who have expressed interest in working for your company. We do the introduction and you do the rest!